Dr. Thomas Chi, MD awarded NIH Grant to look at reducing radiation exposure in patients with kidney disease

Can contrast-enhanced ultrasound replace fluoroscopic nephrostogram?

Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is being performed with increasing frequency in all parts of the world and one major associated concern is the significant radiation exposure to medical personnel and patients from fluoroscopy used during and after these procedures. In this study, and in collaboration with Drs. Stephanie Weinstein, and John Mongan, MD, PhD, Dr. Chi propose's to validate a novel contrast enhanced ultrasound nephrostogram to replace fluoroscopic nephrostogram for evaluating antegrade renal urine flow. The significance of these results is that replacing fluoroscopy with contrast enhanced ultrasound in this setting can lead to significantly decreased radiation exposure to patients as well as perioperative personnel, laying the groundwork to introducing a completely new way of imaging the kidney and ureter.

They hope their work will have wide appeal and provoke new lines of research in the scientific community.